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KF - Gestione direzionale
Marco Galeotti
Tel.: +39.059.313920
Fax.: +39.059.313916
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Emilia Romagna

Tel.: +39.059.313920
Fax.: +39.059.313916
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Sud Italia


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vision1996: Has been founded by a group of experienced people expert in customer service and sales of OEM products

1996 - 1999: Progressively important manufacturers (mainly from Asia) like Citizen, Japan Cash Machine, Asahi Seiko and others, appoint KF as its own Italian distributor and in some cases on exclusive basis.

2001: KF buys the facilities where it is now located (around 1000 sqm.). This broad and rapid expansion has been achieved thanks to a well spread out sales network - At that time KF started the development and production of its own customized products.

2003: KF buys shares in some companies: Italian (for the assembling and development) as well as foreigners (Korea and United States).

2008: KF decides to diversify its investment and open a division (KF Energy) in the emerging renewable energy business (photovoltaic).

2010: Establishes Aurora, a company wich takes the name from its major product, born thanks to a KF's Patent in renewable energy - KF becomes 100% Energy Independent thanks to the differ photovoltaic systems on its own building. 

2011: KF decides to invest in the retail business creating its first Fiscal Solution (ECR) in cooperation with Citizen, while the majority of the renewable activities are closed due to the market saturation.

2012-2013: Inside an economic market quite complex and sometime unpredictable, KF decides to focus back on its own original business segment where obtained great success, and sell some Company's business Units not really part of the soul of the Company (Power Supply, Small LCD, Fiscal Printer and the remaining activities related to the renewable).