KF is a company specialized in the production of industrial monitors. Strong of a long experience in the field, it is characterized by a cutting-edge technological equipment, which allows it to design, think, develop  products with its own innovation & technology. The strength of the production of industrial monitors is the ability to provide both standard solutions and tailor-made solutions, depending on the needs of customers, satisfying every type of request and need. The production of industrial monitors provides a wide variety of solutions: for example the KFE-DI S000082, designed to be compatible with the IP69K level of frontal protection. Characterized by an internal structure that guarantees maximum protection against liquids and against dust, this monitor has a touch-screen controller with serial or USB connector, which facilitates connection to the computer. This is, of course, only an example of the quality and possibilities offered by our modus operandi, which is always based on collaboration with customers. With the role of solution provider, KF has the ability to meet the expectations of customers identifying their needs. The flagships of our business are many: first of all innovation, which is made possible by the presence of a qualified and competent staff, always ready to update and learn about industry news, from monitors with capacitive touches to those without touch, from banknote readers to compatible monitors. Not to be underestimated then, is Italian design, a real source of pride for the production of industrial monitors by KF. Also thanks to our dual partnership, established both with suppliers and with customers, we know how to provide those who turn to us all the quality they need, with added value destined to prove successful.