JCM banknote readers are a guarantee of quality and reliability: skills that make them usable in a wide variety of sectors, also thanks to their versatility. They are designed and manufactured to accept banknotes in all four introductory lines, and accept banknotes with a width of more than 8 centimeters. Being able to rely on on-board diagnostics, they are always efficient and able to provide excellent performance; moreover, they are simple to install, thanks to the configuration that can be performed on site. Other strong points include the very high selection capacity and the equally excellent discernment with magnetic sensors and optical sensors (red, infrared and transparency), as well as a very high degree of acceptance, never less than 98%.

That’s why JCM banknote readers are among the flagships of the KF product range: among other things, they require very limited maintenance, which means they can last for a long time and show off considerable longevity. Just on-board diagnostics on some models, facilitates and speeds up all procedures. It is no coincidence, however, that for some time JCM has been able to conquer a position of leadership in the world in the field of money processing systems.

In fact, all the acceptors and validators of banknotes of this brand are well known and are used not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world; in addition to the euro, in fact, they are designed and developed for many other currencies. Active for many decades (and publicly traded on the Japanese market), JCM is a guarantee of safety and reliability: its banknote readers adapt to the highest quality standards and allow us to satisfy any type of need, in the most varied contexts, from vending to transport, from retail to gaming, from Parking to petrol station (OPT), where it is a European leader that has been met, without forgetting the financial sector.