The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. For this reason, the strong wish to keep alive the flame of enthusiasm and passion that has always characterized our company since its foundation (over 20 years ago),  pushed us and we redesigned and revitalized our company in the last few years as well as Our “key to the future”.

Research, innovation and focus on a few narrow specialties but well done activities, this is one of the reason why in 2012-2013 KF has redesigned its new “Future” returning to its initial core business, to achieve together with its partners (customers and suppliers), what KF believes, is the real sense of cooperation and growth.

Taking with them the most difficult and exciting challenges is our challenge and the company pay off,  so that we won’t ever end up …dreaming


“a look at the future”


KF grows in the Italian market with payment solution, peripherals and mostly, Customized Monitor solutions. KF is still starting to push and develop the European market attending the most important international exhibitions and becoming a market leader industrial monitor solution.



Inside a quite complex and sometime unpredictable economic market, KF decided to focus on its own original business segment where obtained great success. KF then sold company’s business Units not really part of the soul of the Company (Power Supply. Small LCD, Fiscal Printer and the remaining activities related to the renewable). KF’s focus is now on visual Solutions.



KF invested in one company in Florence for assembling and development, and one in Korea. KF is grew in the field of industrial monitors and invests in R&D. The main focus became tailored visualization solution.



KF built the facilities where it is now located (1000 sqm.). This broad and rapid expansion was achieved thanks to a well spread out sales network – At that time KF started the development and production of its own customized products Printers and Monitors).



KF was founded by a group of people expert in customer service and sales of OEM products.
Progressively important manufacturers like JCM,
Citizen, Japan Cash Machine, Asahi Seiko and others, still nowadays appoint KF as its own Italian distributor and in some cases on exclusive basis.