Who is looking for a reader and writer of magnetic cards can contact KF having the certainty of finding what he needs, thanks to the partnership established between our company and Act KDE as well as with Pointman, Asian realities specializing precisely in this sector. It is, in fact, a brand that produces magnetic stripe readers and writers, both motorized and manual, destined for different sectors, from public transport to banking automation, through gaming, access control and ticketing machines. On the other hand, the use of magnetic stripe cards is now part of the everyday life of each of us, in many different contexts: when you have to go to the subway turnstiles with the subscription or when you withdraw money with the Bancomat, when you strip the badge at work or when you buy cigarettes in a vending machine using the tax code. In choosing the various types of reader and writer for magnetic cards, KF guarantees – thanks to Act KDE – and Pointman, the respect of the highest quality standards: it is not by chance that this reality can count on an international certification such as the ISO 9001: 2008, EMV and many others, which is based on the constant commitment aimed at improving services and products. In the KF assortment you can find solutions of all kinds, based on the creep, with writing in a single passage of a track, two tracks or all tracks. Among other things, these readers – whose head has a very long duration – are also appreciated for their versatility, which makes them usable in different contexts and even in conditions of temperature and humidity far from the norm.