The qualified catalogue of products that KF makes available to its customers also includes banknote acceptors (and with particular attention from KF itself), fundamental tools in an era in which automated payments are becoming more widespread, among vending machines of milk, water, gasoline, snacks, books and many other items. KF refers, in particular, to the products of the JCM Global brand, a brand that has been active in the sector for decades and is therefore an absolute guarantee of value and reliability.

In fact, JCM banknote acceptors are widespread all over the world, also because they are adapted to the most different currencies: for this reason they can be used not only for payments in euros, but also for those in pounds, in dollars or other currencies. In any industry, professional or otherwise, and for any objective that you intend to achieve, the banknote acceptors that are part of the JCM range offer optimal quality and performance even after some time: the verification and acceptance of money, on the other hand, they are very delicate operations, which require careful and scrupulous control.

By virtue of its widespread use, JCM, with its focus on innovation, has exported its banknote recognizers to many different sectors: from gaming (gambling, with slot machines, for example, but even simple video games) to that of vending and retail (with the retail sale of any type of products, not just food), passing through transport (the classic issuers of tickets and tickets in railway and underground stations, for example ). Not to forget, then, the various custom applications, which – as such – are potentially endless and can cover any type of scope.