Sustainability and
corporate Social

For years, KF has hosted at its headquarters the offices of the “Associazione Amazzonia Sviluppo Odv”, a non-profit organization of the Third Sector, which deals with humanitarian projects both for the Amazon and for the national territory. A logistical and financial contribution that consolidates a ten-year partnership. The Amazonia Development Odv Association, together with the “Portobello” social emporium and Caritas responds to the food needs of new families in our area who have fallen below the poverty threshold. Two other important projects are: “Ca’ nostra” in favor of non-self-sufficient elderly people and “VeloModena”, launched in 2019, with a strong value both on a social and environmental level. Meanwhile in the Amazon it continues to support the agricultural school for young Indians “Rainha dos apostolos” and microcredit in the indigenous communities of the lower Rio Negro



The cooperation between KF and Doctors Without Borders began in 2012 with the support of humanitarian activity that reaches where there is greatest need. Since 1971, Médecins Sans Frontières has taken care of millions of people in danger, with numerous medical activities: management of hospitals, clinics and nutritional centres, war and routine surgery, fight against epidemics and psychological support for victims of trauma and war , intervening quickly and efficiently in all these humanitarian emergencies.



KF is also creating and coordinating an experimental social project with the idea of developing a kit made up of amorphous, lightweight, rollable and transportable solar panels that produce energy for storage in a battery compartment. The stored energy will be made available exactly when needed, for the operation of the extraction pumps for wells, near villages without services in Kenya and Zambia.





KF is part of the Association for CSR, established in 2014 but already active with some of its members since 2009. Its mission is the enhancement, awareness and promotion of corporate social responsibility, through the involvement of all local stakeholders.




As a Benefit Company, KF has joined the National Association for Benefit Companies, which brings together these types of Companies and those that recognize themselves in a market model and social and economic growth that has the common good at the center of its action . The Association aims to disseminate and enhance this model to be an inspiration for the entire Italian economic system. 




KF supports the Consorzio Forestale Mutina Arborea Impresa Sociale which is a non-profit organization born, as a budding of the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility, to actively contribute to improving the well-being of local people and future generations. The goal is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, long-lasting and sustainable, reforesting Modena and the Province to improve air quality, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve psycho-physical well-being.



KF has obtained B Corp certification, after an assessment of the different impact areas (workers, the environmental aspect, the governance model and the links with society) by the US non-profit organization B- Lab. This certification is widespread in 78 countries and 155 different sectors and there are 7000 B Corp companies in the world, while in Italy today there are 240.
KF’s sensitivity and continuous attention to the issues of the environment, social responsibility, and employee well-being have led the company to formalize its good practices and actions in written form, becoming a Benefit Company in 2020 and now a Certified B Corp. Benefit companies and B Corp are united by the desire to combine profit objectives with their continuous environmental and social commitment. In addition to its own business activities, KF pursues goals of common benefit, acting responsibly and transparently in its daily management and planning activities. Each action is evaluated trying to pursue the best sustainability of the processes, seeking the continuous reduction of waste in order to optimize and maximize every resource available. Operation is also aimed at the common benefit of the territory and neighboring communities with the aim of best preserving and protecting environmental aspects. In particular, KF also supports, through third parties, projects aimed at improving the quality of life, the work-life relationship and local welfare and pursues the well-being of people in their working environment, placing the individual at the center of the company system.